Here Are The Services We Offer

Hazard Line Breaks


4 week course to help with the environmental socialisation your puppy during it’s critical period of development. 

This will help build a stronger pup so they are less likely to develop fear related associations with things as they grow.


Adelaide’s most comprehensive and advanced obedience course. 6 months of theory and practical education. 

This course has been developed to make sure the students get the full tool kit when it comes to training dogs. By the end of the course you can expect to have a well trained pet dog.


Adelaide’s VIP Boar & Train Service. Your dog becomes my dog for a month and then we have 8 private consults after the board and train so you can learn how to handle and maintain your dog. 

This helps get a huge head start in behaviour modification or general training.

At Dog Club we only take on a set number of students per month, so you can expect the highest standard of training and results.

Hazard Line Breaks


We provide private coaching to teach specific behaviours in dogs. If you are into competing or just into training your dog well and don’t like a class environment this is where it’s at.


South Central Dog Sports Club is a new initiative in it’s infancy. It is mainly an IGP club but will be entering into PSA before too long.

Zoom Consults

We have clients all over the country. Distance is no barrier for our training. Zoom consulting can help clients in between face to face sessions. We can use the power of video to critique your filmed training sessions.



And after nearly a decade of research and study, after $thousands spent on coaching and education from the best in the world, after training loads and loads of dogs, after building my dog training business from the ground up…. and after coaching my clients to success with these same methods and principles, you could say I know a thing or two about how to produce a quality dog/human relationship.

But I’m not just a guy who knows heaps about dogs. I was once a dog owner who knew nothing.

Which means I know to my core what matters to the average dog owner. Because I still am one. I have 2 dogs currently and a third on the way. As much as im into Dog Sports and Protection work for my self interests at the heart all of my dogs must be a family pet first. This is the most important thing as I have a young family.

The course we follow is things I have taken from developing each of my dogs along the way. Of which i have had 5 to date. With each new dogs comes improvement to the development of the outcome we are after. So like wine, Dog Trainers get better with age.

These methods have also been tested on hundreds of clients dogs over the past 3 years, which is how long I have been an official Dog Training professional.

Now I’m taking all that knowledge and experience and delivering to dog owners just like you to get you all the success you and your dog deserve. So The School Of The Hard Knocks was born.

It’s my mission to help as many dog owners as possible get the best understanding they can of how to live with and train dogs. 

I don’t want anyone to have to travel the path I went down with my first dog Caesar (see video below).

So if you’re finally ready to take the plunge and do what you know you need to, then come join the Dog Club Community!!!

Hazard Line Breaks



We are so happy that we chose K9 coach Daniel. He is passionate about his training approach. He had our dog responding to his training within the first 10mins. He is knowledgeable and patient and Really easy to communicate with. I Highly recommend him!!!


Daniel spent two and a half hours of pretty full on training with me and our 5 year old labrador/retriever. She responded to his commands very well and now I have to remember how to do it as well as him. Notes were sent immediately following the session which are very handy and I will do my bit now and train the dog at least twice a day until I can walk her without being distracted and going crazy at other dogs. Would recommend Daniel.

Diane B
Hazard Line Breaks


I am building a community where dog owners no longer need to feel lost, alone and confused. This is an exclusive club, yet anyone can join. This is a place where you will get all the support and guidance you need to develop your dog into mans best friend.


No more sleepless nights trying to figure it all out on your own. No more wading through the endless amounts of conflicting information online. Being apart of this community means ill be guiding you through every step to get you and your dog where you need to be. We will be following the a week by week plan to make the learning process as simple as possible. This will help you to grasp each important concept of dog training before being overwhelmed with the next.


It’s packed with theory lessons and practical tutorials, a practical class and ongoing content as the course rolls along. This process helps reinforce the points that were taught earlier in the course through the careful construction of building blocks which teach us so much about ourselves and our dogs.


You will get support not only from me but from our community. Everyone helps each other learn and there is no judgement because we all come from the same place. We’ll help you overcome any problem you face as they arise.



This is all about supporting you and your dog everything you need to grow together and thrive. So you never have to feel confused, frustrated or alone in the dark again.


The Community will help you consistently improve your skills and knowledge to be able to train your dog with ease & efficiency.


All the uncertainty and frustration can now be a thing of the past…….