The K9 Relationship Coach

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After nearly a decade of research and study, K9 coach and trainer, Daniel Tropeano is well versed in producing quality relationships between dogs and humans. Daniel has invested in training to be a coach and received education from the best institutions. He takes pride in having built his business from the ground up and has trained many dogs since.
Having dogs himself, Daniel has an understanding about what matters to the average dog owner. This K9 Relationship Coach currently has three dogs and is exploring breeding. Along with his interests in Dog Sports and Protection work, Daniel believes that his dogs must first be a part of the family and suitable for the young family he has.
The courses Dog Club SA provide, stems from steps Daniel has taken from developing and training his own dogs, of which he has seven to date. With every new dog, comes improvement in developing the outcome the owners are after. ‘Like wine, Dog Trainers get better with age’, Daniel strongly believes.
These methods have also been tested on hundreds of clients (dogs) over the past 3 years, which is the duration of which Daniel has been a Dog Training Professional.
Now, Daniel is taking all his knowledge and experience then delivering it to dog owners just like you to give you all the success you and your dog deserve. Hence, the birth of The School of Hard Knocks.
It is Daniel’s mission to help as many dog owners as possible, get the best understanding they can of how to live with and train their dogs.

Daniel does not want anyone to have to travel the path he went down with his first dog Caesar.
If you’re ready to take the plunge and do what you know you need to do for you and your dog, then join the Dog Club Community!

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