School of the Hard Knocks

Adelaide's most comprehensive and advanced obedience training.

Our membership gives you the best of both worlds with in depth video tutorials and group class exposure.

This pathway has been developed to make sure the students get the full tool kit when it comes to training dogs. We challenge our clients to put their hard work to the test by competing in an obedience trial and getting a title and certification from the ANKC.

Things you will learn in the course

How to build a communication system
How to develop a proactive dog with an open mind.
How to set the appropriate rules and boundaries to have a social dog that you can take anywhere.
The behavioural science behind teaching and learning.
The skills your dog will learn:
1 . Targeting with paw and nose
2 . Spins
3 . Go around
4 . Walk backwards
5 . Rear end movement
6 . Warm up and stretching
7 . Sit, drop, stand
8 . Stays in position
10 . Recalls
11. Loose lead walking
We strive to teach our students to a competition level and to give them the keys to creating a well rounded, balanced dog.

Hard Knocks Membership

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Come to any class any day

$ 55 /Every Week

Any class any day + access to 1 Hood Hangz per week

$ 99 /Every Week


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